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Water, Water, Everywhere!

Updated: Sep 24, 2018

I live in Florida, and it is “Rainy Season”, plus tropical storm season, and an occasional hurricane blows through. #hurricane #Florida

We Floridians get tired of rain by about September 1, but that is when the most active hurricane season starts, causing more big winds, and more rain.

Our hurricane days are like “snow days” up north. We prepare for them, we buy things like: bottled water, gasoline for our generators, duct tape, extra chlorine for our pools. We take all yard furniture inside or into our garages. Anything that a big wind can pick up or blow over is moved to a safe place. We fill our camp stoves, kerosene lamps, and propane tanks: getting ready to lose electricity, as often happens.

Some of us even fly out, or drive out of Florida to safer states. Trying to run from the elements. But the hurricane eyes are large…and sometimes traveling elsewhere is not so successful!

But the water. The water! For months, sometimes almost a year afterwards: all lakes are at very high level, all storm ditches have stagnant water in them, all retention ponds are high to their top banks. And the water brings the sea and water fowl! The birds are gorgeous! Flying every which way: catching fish, and sometimes the predator birds even eating the smaller birds. #waterbirds #retention-ponds #osprey

The water is even in the air: humidity. Hot and steamy, due to all the sun and evaporation after the sun comes out after the storm. #water #humidity

And all Floridians talk about is: “Wow! Wish it were cooler.” “Wish it was less humidity. “Wish I didn’t keep having to empty my pool several inches.”

The surprising thing is that this happens every year, every late summer, and early fall. But we forget. We talk about this year, like it’s “new”, like we’ve not seen it before. We want to create a feeling of safeness from the elements; a feeling that WE can control the wind and the rain; or that by following a particular formula: we can keep from being flooded; or keep our houses from having trees fall through the roof.

But the ultimate down-low is this: No matter what formula we follow, no matter what routines we do yearly, no matter who we call, and how we prepare: we cannot keep the water from flooding us, or the trees from hitting us, or our roof tiles from blowing off: It’s entirely up to the elements of the storm, and where we are in the storm, as to how high the wind is.

We can be depressed and grouse about “How awful!” OR we can see it as an Adventure! (What will happen this year? Do I stay or do I leave? Who can I invite into my house who has a low-lying house?) #adventures

What in your life needs to be looked at, and your underlying attitude changed from grousing to “How can I see the adventure in this situation?” How can you change your attitude? What good friend can you talk to, to talk through your options to change the attitude from Grouch to Grateful? #gratitude



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