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Rainy Day Blues?

This is the beginning of the rainy season in Florida, where I live. I came up with a "Rainy Day Activities" list to keep me from being bored. Today is the fourth day of almost all day rain.

Here it is:

Curl up, read a book

Bake cookies

Have a genre movie marathon

Start a new crochet or craft project

Dance in the rain if no lightening

Take a big long bubble bath or Epsom bath and read or listen to music

Take a nap

Research a new topic or project

Re-organize the kitchen or a closet

Re group master closet, my side by color

Clean all toilets in the house. Refill their “cleaners”

Wash all pillows in house, in use, and dry

Do ironing

Check on cleaning supplies and make a shopping list

Write a friend or family a long hand letter and mail

Do an “amazon run” for over-the-counter, first aid medicines and supplies

Check paper, envelope, and stamp supply, order more, if needed.

Watch a rainy-day movie: Singing in the Rain, The Notebook, The Lion King, The Shawshank Redemption

Re-do the silk flower arrangements in the house

Wash ornaments on bookcases in the house in D/W or by hand. Return or replace.

Find 10 things to give away.

Write a love letter to your higher self.

Do one hated task that you have been dreading.

Touch up walls with paint


Watch Kaleidoscope and dream

Do a vision board with magazine pictures

Do yoga and sun salutations (get it rain vs. sun!)

Dance in the rain

Please feel free to add to the list in the comments! Would love more ideas!



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