• joywolffrn

Textures in Our Life

Take a walk or a drive, and observe the textures of trees, leaves, clouds, dirt, houses, and on and on. Wouldn’t life be boring without texture?

Texture is a variable in life, that creates beauty, interest, and contrast. Texture can be compared to people in our life: who are just a little bit (or allot) different. Who grate up against us, with their love. Who say silly or stupid things at the worse times. Who embarrass us with their out-loud comments to other people in public.

Instead of jumping to anger, irritation, embarrassment, and worry. Take a minute and say a quick prayer of blessing for that person(s) who create that texture, beauty, interest, and contrast in our life. Ask: What can I learn from this person in my life?

Be prepared to get an answer, because you will in the next 24-48 hours. So cheers: here’s to the difficult person in my and your life:

“Universe, please bless and prosper this (man,woman,child). May he/she be given friends, wealth, health, success, and abundance in every way. May he know that he is loved by me and others. May he feel his worth and feel “tall in his boots”. Thank you and blessings.”

Take time out of your day to see textures, and bless the textured people you run into.



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